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The only exception is that the probe should be pressed into undisturbed soil within 15 cm 6 inches of the reference electrode.

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The potential of the electrode should be checked against a portable electrode of known accuracy before the hole is backfilled. The coupon can be connected to the structure at the test station through our magnetically operated switch Model SM.

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To disconnect the coupon for measurements, hold the activating magnet next to the switch. Detailed installation instructions for the concentric CP coupon can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Complete Product Information and Installation Instructions are available for downloading as pdf files. Click on the documents you wish to download. Concentric cathodic protection coupon Model UC.

Installation Instructions for concentric CP coupon.

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Resistance Calc. Calculators Design Programs References. Cathodic Protection Coupons Potential Measurement Errors Current flowing through an electrolyte creates a voltage drop proportional to the magnitude of both current and electrolyte resistance. The portion of this voltage drop which occurs between the reference electrode and the structure becomes incorporated into the potential measurement as an error.

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This error, commonly called IR Drop error, can be several hundred millivolts or more. IR drop errors are only one source of errors in potential measurements. To learn more about potential measurement errors and how to minimize them, down load our Corrosion paper on Measurement and Instrumentation Errors.

Coupons for Cathodic Protection Evaluation of Mixed-Metal Piping Systems

This study presents data developed at three field sites on operating pipelines and at a test site where 90 m of 24 mm diameter pipe is buried and instrumented. This error varies from pipeline to pipeline and even along the length of a given pipe. This IR-drop is affected by soil resistivity, depth of burial, coating condition, and amount of CP current.

The only method of correcting for this IR-drop is to interrupt the CP current and measure an off-potential immediately following interruption. The off-potential measured by interruption is an estimate of the polarized potential of the pipe. The question with any measurement is how accurate does it estimate the desired parameter.

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There are a number of problems with the off-potential method, although, it continues to be the best method available and has proven to be a very useful measurement when all current is interrupted. The problems include: The purpose of the coupon methodology is to provide an alternative to the conventional off-potential measurement for evaluating the effectiveness of a CP system.

The polarized potential of the coupon does not mirror the pipe polarized potential. There are several variables that combine to establish the polarized potential on a pipeline, not the least of which are coating quality and holiday size and configuration. It is theorized that the polari. Other Resources. About us Contact us Help Terms of use.


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