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That will give you more than enough codes to get your launch off on the right foot.

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Remember, you can also generate promo codes for Apple TV apps. Generating app promo codes is done within iTunes Connect.

Redeeming from your iPhone (requires OS 3.0)

Log in, go to the detailed view of your app then click promo codes on the top right and follow instructions. Promo codes are great, but they can be kind of a pain to redeem for someone that has never done it. The good news is, you can make that task easier.

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If your contact is an iPhone blog and knows all about promo codes, you can probably just send it like that. The above way of doing things can be problematic in that it just forces you to put additional text in your email or have your contact go to a webpage. An alternative way of doing things is to send the following link, where you just change the code at the end:. If you still want to explicitly give the code, you can write something like this:.

You can use bit. Also consider turning your links into QR codes, for easier redemption.

Free Google Play Codes | Get Free Google Play Credit Today

I talked about Appcod. You redeem your codes, import them in Appcod. This link will bring your contacts to a page like the one below, where they can redeem the code. If there is no available code left, visitors are offered to provide an email address so you can get in touch with them.

Redeem now allows you for free to create links for each promo code. You can create several links at a time, and for each code you will get a different address that looks like this:.

Google Play Coupons & Promo Codes

One your contact goes to this address, he will see a webpage like the one below and iTunes or the App Store on an iOS device will automatically open. A third way that you can make the process easier is by using Tokens for Mac. It makes it really easy to generate, share and track iOS promo codes. If you develop Mac apps, it can be used for that too. The best feature is the fact that it makes it very easy to see exactly which codes were redeemed and when they expire. It took awhile, but promo codes for Google Play apps are finally available.

Google also limits the number of promo codes you can distribute, but it works a little differently than iTunes promo codes. They allow you to distribute promo codes per quarter. To create your promo codes for an Android app, simply go into your Developer Console and create the promo codes.

Actually, you have to create a promotion for your app.

How to redeem a Google Play Store promo code + Giveaway Winners Name

Then you have to designate the number of app promo codes that will be in that promotion. Once you create a promotion, you cannot change the number of codes. A promotion can last up to one year and people have up until the end of the promotion to redeem their discount. To get more information, be sure to read the Google documentation. If you need to give people directions on how to redeem promo codes, then you can send them this page. Getting well-know journalists and bloggers to write about your app can be one of the best ways to reach your target audience quickly.

However,unless it is explicitly specified on their site, I would advise against sending a promo code directly to a blogger or journalist cold. Pitch them your app first and then offer them to send a promo code, if they are interested. There was a time, not so long ago, when offering a review site to give away 20 codes to their readers was a great way to have them talk about your app.

Chances are they will be thankful, and if they already have your app they might just pass the word around. If you have a creative idea you could also organize a small contest where the winners get a promo code. Even if you run out of promo codes, remember that you can still send out a gift card for Google Play or iTunes.

Sending a card that is for more than the purchase price of your app can also be a nice way to say thank you to the person reviewing your app. Did we forgot to mention anything important about promo codes? Got another tip to share? Leave us a message in the comments…. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Faacebook group. Talk soon! Hey Sylvain, thanks for your post.

I hope my question makes sense there for you?

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Hi John, and sorry for the late reply. App Store freebies are usually shared on social media websites and specific Apple discussion forums. You can also visit iOS developer websites and check if new releases are due. Contact them and volunteer for testing. Most will accept your request and offer a free download code.

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