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In schedule A it does not mention the total it just mentions the quotes provided at time of application. Hence if we follow this to the letter and there is no deviations from the quotes provided. Hi, Tried to Google an answer but couldn't find anything. Would appreciate some guidance.

I receive a summary-like statement on my mortgage from RBC at the end of every year. On the top right is "Amortization Remaining" - can someone tell me how RBC calculates this by any chance? Here's where I'm confused However, looking at my last statement from RBC it shows I have around 15 years remaining. Being confused I figured I should try another tool so I used the "Canadian Mortgage Calculator" the one from vertex42 and it also comes out with 19 years. I would expect that if the principal comes out to roughly the same that the amortization remaining should be close as well?

I'm thinking the anniversary payment may have something to do with the difference in numbers, but the only place I can see to put it in the spreadsheet is under "Additional Payment" but the years still don't match up. If it matters - my mortgage is a fixed rate "conventional" mortgage paid bi-weekly accelerated p. First, an overview of the situation - I put approximate numbers: No RRSP at all.

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Tax due for filling: Looking forward to see some feedback! Thank you. Why would this be? Hi all. Hoping someone out there might be familiar with this, either an accountant who has handled physician tax returns, or other physicians. If it is tax deductible, is a official receipt issued, or do you just use the receipt you received when you paid your membership as proof for your tax records? Hey guys; I thought I would give you a preliminary review of 1Q Bank, the newest no-fee banking outlet provided by none other than Korea Exchange Bank?

While I didn't have any intention to open a bank account, one of their products did catch my eye. You make a savings goal for a time period anywhere from 6 to 36 months. You make deposits minimum monthly to this to achieve that goal. The bank pays really high interest for the 36 month one 3. That being said, this is a great way to save for your down payment in these low interest times.

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Heck, I think there are mortgages with lower interest rates! Unfortunately, there are no free cheques. But they offer cheque capture with your smartphone, and there is interest offered on these accounts. The Savings account offers 1. The chequing also offers interest as well 0.

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You can transfer money from your bank account to the card and money from one card to another. You can make bill payments with this card as well. This without having a credit check or much of registration process money laundering prone? Mortgages, Lines of Credit, personal loans with collateral or without. On Friday I went on the website and went through the prompts. They have you make a username and password.

My first concern is security. The only password system is a 6-digit number cannot use letters, must be numbers only, must be 6 digits. While this is fine, I do feel more secure if they allowed more freedom with passwords. You'll also notice weird english here and there. KEB Canada is catered toward Korean-Canadians which is understandable, however this product seems to be catered to everyone so I would expect better wording.

On the final step, I pressed submit, but an error window popped up. Wasn't too too stoked on opening the account in the first place. I already got checked so I phoned them again to see what is wrong with my application. Maybe I'll get a better agent. I called their number "this number cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the area code and number and try again I double checked but it was right and didn't work. So I decided to call the main office at KEB. A lady first answered the phone in Korean and I asked if she could transfer me to the 1Q bank desk. There another gentleman picked up the phone and greeted in Korean.

Can you help me out? I tried calling your phone number, but it doesn't exist Please try calling the number again Here the lady answered in Korean again, and I explained the situation.

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She checked my name. There should be no problem. Please try again This time it did go through. The message on the page says to put your client number on the memo line.

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This is fine, but both emails have slightly different information. I followed both instructions to be safe. My account was already confirmed within a few hours. At least that part is fast.

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So, so far the customer service part is rickety. The staff seem to have some trouble with english, and they didn't seem to know how to deal with some of the issues with the website. That being said, I believe once everything is set up, it should be smooth sailing Hi Everyone, I have a bought a brand new townhouse for a rental. The Realtor lives in the area and has 5 rentals under his name.

This person has also rented out units on the same street. The cost - which includes the showing, all paperwork and tenant screening. Other people such as family have advised me to go on my own and take care of the lease. My thoughts are to leave it to the Realtor, I can write this off and it could be money well spent, it will save me the hassle. If anyone can share their thoughts and experience that would be great. Is this within the average for most who pay their debt and age 26?

I went to this page and it said the banking division isn't anymore but the mastercard is still offered? Does anyone have this card? The second mortgage is forgiven provided you do live there for 20 years.

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Am I missing something here? Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Page 1 of Jump to page: Next Last. The Official Mortgage Rates Thread per http: Toronto Star's official daily mortgage rate table http: Prime - 0. Through my mortgage broker I am happy I got 5 years closed variable at Prime minus. The only place I found better was Dundee at Prime minus. Here is a great link for all to compare rates on variable closed: I did TONS of research so if anyone needs any help, let me know.

So, I'd suggest you update the title and make this the 'official mortgage rates thread'. Which Credit Cards to sign up? ING 5 yr fixed is 5. Is the 4.